Sunshine Farms RV

We are in Historic Whitesboro, Texas, located at 33912 US 82. The park is roughly 20 miles east of Sherman and 10 miles west of Gainesville. The Park is only 50 miles north of Third Monday Trade Days.

Park Policies

Sunshine Farms RV

Park Policies

Think of Others

  • Campers must maintain quiet hours from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.
  • No pets may be left unattended on grounds
  • No pets permitted except on leash
  • Maximum speed limit 10 mph
  • No discharging of firearms or excessive noise
  • Parents are fully responsible for the behavior and safety of their children

Keep the Site Clean

  • Keep RV sites tidy and clean
  • No laundry visible outside of RV
  • No abandoned vehicles
  • Campers must bag trash and place in appropriate receptacles and flatten boxes

Fairness and Safety

  • Only one camping unit per RV site
  • Limit of 2 vehicles per RV site
  • No washing of RVs or vehicles or outside watering except for container grown plants
  • No campfires
  • No window air conditioners are allowed
  • No parking permitted on other RV spaces
  • No exterior storage of any items

Current RV Rental Rates

For more information or to reserve a space, call 469-500- 4361.


  • $30 per night (utilities included)-- pay on arrival.
  • A day is considered from 12 p.m. to 12 p.m. For any portion thereof, a full day's rate is charged.


  • $400 (utilities included) – Pay on arrival
  • Rental charge is for 2 adults. Add $30 per month for each additional adult.

No partial refunds are permitted for nightly, weekly, or monthly campers.

Sunshine Farms RV Park

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Electrical Requirements 30 amp 50 amp

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